Moroccan Square #1

This the first free Moroccan square pattern in the 9 squares in 9 weeks series. I have worked the squares in Vinnis Nikkim 100% cotton DK, but please feel free to it in any DK yarn of choice in the colours you prefer. I did the squares because of the stash I built up during the years of making books and writing patterns, but I must admit I love the dense texture of Vinnis in squares. I will love to see squares in other yarn as well. There are so many wonderful options and brands to choose from. The pattern is also available in Afrikaans on Vrouekeur’s website and are illustrated with diagrams.


The pattern is rated relative easy – with the assumption that you know the basic crochet stitches. In this pattern you will also use the puff stitch and the spike stitch.

Please use the following link to the free pattern:

Enjoy it and show it!