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Due to the high demand and the current distribution problems experienced, I decided to do some of the selling and distribution myself. However, the books will still be available in large bookstores in South Africa. I thought it might be easier for those having trouble to get to book stores or trouble to get my books to assist you in this regard.
You can order these titles below directly from me. The books are all R 160 each. If you are staying within the borders of South Africa postage is free. If you are outside the borders of South Africa, I will quote you on your order.

Send your orders to and I will revert soonest.

Book 1:

Crochet- ideas and patterns for women

Hekel – idees en patrone vir vroue

25 Patterns in each book

The designer, Karen Adendorff, added a bohemian flair to these patterns for a modern and interesting look. The aim is to break away from traditional and old-fashion styles and to establish an international freshness to crochet.
The patterns are designed with locally produced yarn and are further illustrated with photos and diagrams.Crochet – ideas and patterns for women.










Book 2:

Crochet for Cuties

Hekel vir jou Hartedief

Crochet for Cuties are specially compiled for grannies and moms who enjoy doing craftwork and crocheting something different for their little one. The patterns are bright and colourful, synonymous with children and the vibrant world in which they live.
The patterns are designed with more acrylic yarn for the winter patterns because it is wearable (does not itch or scratch) and practical for everyday wash and wear. For the summer clothing, cotton is mostly used for its absorbent qualities. All the yarn used in this book is locally produced and readily available.
All patterns are illustrated for those who find diagrams easier to follow, and all pattern stitches are explained in the front section.
There is something for everyone, from beginner to expert, so that every crochet moment is enjoyable and inspired!

25 Patterns in each book










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