Star Birth Mandala

I know that I am not that active on my blog, but you must forgive me. I am trying to finish all my deadlines in time before the next projects stream in and I have to finish everything with only the mornings available to me. Quite hectic, but that’s life with kids and making a living.  I would love to make more time to create free projects for my blog and also patterns that resembles my spirit more. But anyway…I am not complaining, I have a wonderful job!

As you will remember from my December holiday projects, I completed a Mandala on my way back home and I promised to publish the project in due course. Well the pattern is now available on

final2This pattern is very special to me as it resembles a turning point in my crochet approach but also because I was at that time free from deadlines – so it gave me time to play around and me more creative.

I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I knew then that I will never again do the same old boring stuff I did for so many years. My creativity reached a turning point and it was a wonderful fresh start to a new year – a creative birth.

The colours are vibrant and I used overlay crochet for a rich and interesting surface pattern. It looks as if the star jumps out of design.

The pattern has step by step photos and the colour choice and yarn choice were simply what I had available in the car. It turns out to be an excellent combination!

I made a cushion with this design and it is now my pride and joy in my living room.

I have to add the beautiful earthy colour variations my mom did with this pattern. She did it in Elle premier Cotton DK, which makes this pattern slightly larger in size.

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