New books

Economic circumstances and a couple of dramatic changes in the publishing industry in South Africa  made it somehow difficult for any publisher to tunnel through the maze to get to book shelves, but with the blessings from God, I was lucky enough to publish four more books in the past few months to total my publications to 16. I sincerely hope that everyone that buys these books will receive peace, creative inspiration, therapy and inner rest.

My books are more than merely sharing my passion for crafts, but it is my ministry in order to heal people by means of creative outlets. It is a way to heal, to find peace and quietness and to feel worthy. I believe that if every person in the world can manage to find time to have some sort of creative outlet or creative therapy, a lot of our issues and problems can be solved and a lot of pain eased.

I hope that my books will change somebody’s life… for the better!

Crochet Ideas and patterns for women has been released October. The patterns have a bit of a boho flair with rich colours and patterns.

My latest book, Crochet for Cuties, has 25 patterns for kids – a colourful journey!

Enjoy your craft – it means a lot more to your spiritual and physical health than what you might think.



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