Summer holiday projects

We went away for our yearly summer holiday at Cape St. Francis in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The weather was so lovely and once again I took pictures of the beautiful landscapes, textures and sea artefacts. My soul really revives when I breathe the salty air and go to sleep with the rhythm of the waves.

It also inspires me to play around with my yarn and do a couple of crochet projects. I will release the patterns during the next couple of months and will let you know as soon as its available. I hope you enjoy my photos and projects.

Based on my flip flop transformation, I crochet myself another 2 pairs for the holiday. This time I attached chain strings that fasten around the ankles for some triangles tend to bundle as you walk. I will release the pattern above within the next week for a couple of people asked me already.

The week before Christmas I made myself an Advent Krantz by attaching a doily to a twig frame. It looked awesome in the beach house with the sea as background.

I have started a Mandala with all my stash left overs that piled up from projects I finished during the past year but I ended up buying more and more yarn for it to grow into a rug. I went out of yarn and the suppliers will not deliver until new year. So now it ended up in my work in progress pile. I thought about the rug, and my kids walking over my hard work. Maybe I will transform it into pouf.

Katja is my flower child and she inspired me to make something from all the pebbles we collected. So I tried to crochet a flower like jacket for each pebble. Now I must find the right bowl for them to sparkle.

I ended up with a couple of Moroccan tile patterns that I want to use in projects later on this year.

Unfortunately  I am back now at home with my deadlines again facing me, but hopefully a creative year is lying ahead and I hope that I may bring some inspiration!




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