Driftwood Decor


During my December holiday last year in the beautiful Cape St. Francis, Eastern Cape, South Africa, I went for a long walk in the nature reserve along the beach. Because the shoreline is so rocky, many treasures (and stories) IMG_6746.JPGfound their way onto the beach. I were in the seventh heaven and explored everything the sea offered me – opportunities for new creative ideas.

I collected a whole bunch of driftwood in the most beautiful patterns. What an awesome wood carver and crafter the sea is!

So I decided to create something that will remind me of this journey and exploration and came up with the idea to combine crochet and the driftwood and make some lovely sail boats! It is really a supereasy way for instant decor.

The patterns are in this week’s Vrouekeur Magazine, 4 December 2015. Enjoy!


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